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Auctioneers     ↑ Up
Eudell Taylor Auction
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-4535

Howard Auction
5870 Hwy H
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-7647

Larinda's Auction
PO Box 708
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-5629

Wulff Auction Service
Rt. 3 Box 1515
Salem, Mo. 65560
Ph: 573-729-8476

Cemetery Properties & Mausoleum-Columbarium     ↑ Up
Cedar Grove Cemetery
400 N Iron Street
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-5211
Description: Cedar Grove Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Dent County. It consists of approximately 38-acres that are managed by the City of Salem. It is locted on Hwy 32 E or Scenic Rivers Blvd in the city limits of Salem. For information on purchasing plots, opening graves, etc. contact the Salem City clerk at 573-729-5211.

James & Gahr Mortuary
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-3117
Fax: 573-729-4290
Description: James and Gahr Mortuaries is family-owned and offers pre-arranged funeral services and cemetery services. They have cemetery properties, a mausoleum and columbarium. The mortuaries are owned by Donn & Connie James and are found in three convenient locations; St. James, Rolla, and Salem. They have a variety of burial plans and funeral coaches.

Consultants     ↑ Up
Automated Business Systems, Inc.
902 E. Scenic Rivers Blvd.
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-2703
Fax: 573-729-8147

Craig Technology Consulting; Division of Craig Services, LLC.
201 E. Fourth St.
Salem, Mo. 65560
Ph: 573-453-2322

Edward Jones Investments
907 S. Pershing
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-3831
Fax: 888-882-9606
Description: Plan for retirement, save for college, reduce your tax bills or acquire extra income for monthly expenses. Expect personalized service and information on investing in quality investments for the long-term.

Everything Cinema, Inc.
PO Box 1030-1520 CR 5013
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 314-608-3476
Fax: 314-786-0513
Description: Everything Cinema is a complete resource for cinema industry equipment and services. Services include project consultation, installation, general maintenance and the sale of equipment and everyday supplies. We represent all major sound, seating, staging and projection manufacturers.

Gruendels & Associates, LLC Life Coaching & Mentoring
460 CR 5170
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-7194
Fax: 573-729-2504

Missouri Career Center-Work Connections
1202 Forum Drive
Rolla, MO 65401
Ph: 800-638-1401
Fax: 573-364-1865

119 W. Fourth St.
Salem, Mo. 65560
Ph: 573-729-6834

Professional Marketing Group, Inc.
601 S Main St.
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-247-2391
Fax: 573-729-2851

Sanborn N. Ball
P.O. Box 431
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-3134
Fax: 573-729-5172

Stack Financial Services
P.O. Box 503, 123 W 4th Street
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573- 247-1116
Fax: 729-7777
Description: 360-degree financial & retirement planning services, considering risk, tax, and long-term income needs. Wide variety of products and services available, including high-yield FDIC insured CD's, Guaranteed Annuities, Precious Metals, and IRA's that allow local real estate investments. Serving Salem since 1993. Veteran owned.

Weber & Associates
Salem, Mo 65560
Ph: 573-729-4429
Description: Law Enforcement Training Special Investigation, Consulting, Policy Manuals, Continue Education for Law Enforcement

Williams Real Property, LLC
218 W 8th Street
Rolla, Mo 65401
Ph: 573-202-6399

Wisdom Financial Services
802B South Main Street
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-7508
Fax: 573-729-8369
Description: My mission is to help individuals develop financial objectives, and achieve those objectives through various financial products and investment services that are designed to meet their present and future needs. I have been building my practice since 1987, and am honored to work with the many great friends and clients that we have grown with, in the foothills of the Ozarks, and throughout Missouri!

Land Development     ↑ Up
Odom Land Development
1128 S Main St
Sale, Mo 65560
Ph: 573-729-1952
Description: alternate phone: 573-729-1159

Photography     ↑ Up
Beth Watson Images
106 N. Main St.
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-7573

Fore Photography, LLC
201 N Main St
Salem Mo
Ph: 573-453-8132

Printing & Copying     ↑ Up
Action Graphics Sign Company
500 N. Washington Street
Salem, Mo. 65560
Ph: 573-729-2040
Fax: 573-729-2851

Kent Nichols Signs
3490 Hwy 19 North
Salem, Mo. 65560
Ph: 573-453-8888
Description: Whether a customer or not, my first goal is to treat you respectfully and honestly every day. Yes, I have been making lots of signs and truck lettering since 1985. I can design and make any type of sign or lettering. Visit my website - call any time!

Professional Service     ↑ Up
South Central Missouri Community Action Agency
1405 S Wines Street
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-3500
Fax: 573-325-4542

Sanitation Services     ↑ Up
Family Trash Service INC
8 East Pines
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 729-5464
Description: Full service sanitation services

Waste Corporation of Mo
PO Box 670
Rolla, MO 65402
Ph: 573-762-2149
Description: Serving Dent and surrounding counties

Surveying     ↑ Up
Elwood Surveying
1901 S Main St
Salem, Mo 65560
Ph: 573-453-2881

Website Design Service     ↑ Up
Salem Web Design
1313 Iron Mountain Rd.
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-465-8119
Description: Superior innovative professional web design custom interactive search engine friendly and enhanced for the World Wide Web. Provider of Mobile Web Design & Social Media Integration.

Website Development/Graphic Design     ↑ Up
Zcom Design, LLC
P.O. Box 36
Salem, MO 65560
Ph: 573-729-5574
Fax: 573-729-5574
Description: Graphic design for print and websites. Husband & Wife team have decades of freelance and production experience from New York City. Leading website supplier to Missouri Ozarks tourism industry.

Special thanks to The Salem News for the generous use of many of the photos in this website.

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