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Apr 5 Craft Night - Painted wood signs-monogrammed signs6 pmEcho Bluff State Park844-322-3246
Apr 7 Spring Night Sky7 pmEcho Bluff State Park
Apr 14 2018 Chamber of Commerce Business Expo - - Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 14.. The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce will host the 15th annual Business Expo. Each chamber member is allowed one complimentary booth space. Non members may purchase a booth space - call for rate. 9:00 AM - Noon 573-729-6900 Vendors will be able to sell items!!9:00 AM - NoonSalem Community Center @ the Armory573-729-6900
Apr 19 thru 22 14th Annual Spring Trail Ride at Valley Springs Foxtrotters and Brushy Creek Lodge - Negative coggins required and health certificate if coming from out of state. Starts Thursday at 2:00 pmall day5910 Highway J, Black Mo269-4743
Apr 21 Bird Hike - Meet at the stone CCC picnic shelter for this unique program. Learn about the diversity of birds that live here in the park. Whether you are a beginner or veteran birder, come along and join the fun as we watch, listen and enjoy8:00-12:00Montauk State Park
Apr 23 Another Sky Event! Skywatch at the Bonebrake Center - Come to the Bonebrake Center of Nature and History on Monday, April 23, 2018 to experience views of the solar system and the galaxy. The event will start at 7:30 p.m. so the fading light will give us a chance for introductions of our volunteers and orient the visitors to the telescopes they will be using. As the sky starts to darken, the focus will be on the Moon, as the craters become sharper. The line between the bright side of the Moon and darkness represents places where the Sun is rising on the Moon. In those places, there will be the most definition on the Moon’s surface. Some of the Moon’s most interesting features and craters will be on display this night. For anyone eager to take Moon photos, we’ll have a holder to help you get an impressive picture. We’ll get a very distant view of Venus’s solid white cloud cover. The planet will look a little oblong in its gibbous phase. Venus will be a constant evening sky feature for most of 2018. Eventually we will start to see some of the brighter stars from the winter and spring constellations. Usually we see the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, before the other stars. Through the telescope, Sirius is a sizzling bright dot. It won’t be long before more starts are visible, making constellations like Orion and Gemini visible. Much later—as the wintye4r constellations set in the west, we’ll see more the spring constellations like Ursa Major and Bootes. When the sky fully darkens, we can explore the Moon’s craters, double stars, and star clusters. If the skies are very dark, we can view a few galaxies through the telescopes, and maybe our own galaxy, the Milky Way—with our unaided eyes! We can also use the telescope to reveal systems with multiple stars, doubles and triples. We can compare our views of constellations before and after the sky darkens and as our eyes adapt to the lower light level. The sky is full of interesting objects. We are hoping to send guests home with great viewing memories and, of course, we need good skies for the best result. A few clouds are ok, but if the weather is very poor or rain is possible, we’ll need to cancel the event. Skywatches are always fun, with handouts, answers to questions, and sometimes a surprise or two! Dress for the weather and come enjoy the views and experience a tour of the sky. This program is appropriate for the whole family and will be mostly outdoors. There will be access to the house and light snacks. The suggested donation is $1.00 per person or $5.00 for the whole family, but no one will be turned away. Registration is not required, but feel free to leave a message at the Bonebrake Center (573.729.3400) or e-mail at for more information. If it appears the night sky will be too cloudy, the program will be postponed. Registrants may call or text 573-247-0279 on the afternoon of Monday, April 24, if there is a question about possible cancellation. 7:30 pmBonebrake Center of Nature and History247-0279
Apr 27 Look at the Birdie - The Bonebrake Center of Nature and History will present “Look at the Birdie” on Friday, April 27, 2018, starting at 6:30 p.m. Hosted by Janet Price, naturalist, of Moonshadow Moments, LLC, formerly of Johnson’s Shut-Ins, explore the science of ornithology (study of BIRDS). How many times have you said, “What was that? I wish I knew…” We’ll use some tricks to make it easy to spot and identify some of the flying wonders of your own backyard. This program is appropriate for all ages and is especially family-friendly. The cost is $1.00 per person or $5.00/family, regardless of the number, which includes a light snack. Phone reservations are requested to plan for snacks and activities. Please call the Bonebrake Center (573.729.3400) for more information or register. The Bonebrake Center is located at 601 North Hickory Street in Salem, at the corner of North Hickory Street and East Rolla Road and can be viewed on the website at or on our Facebook page 6:30 pmBonebrake Center of Nature and History- 601 N Hickory St.729-3400
Apr 27 thru 28 Murder Mystery Dinner- Dying for Chocolate - reservations required Join us for an encore performance on Friday and again Saturday. Show will begin during a cocktail reception in the Great Room. The evening includes a cocktail reception, chocolates, dinner and desert. $48.95 per person.Echo Bluff State Park844-322-3246
Apr 27 Spring is in the Air Art Party - Paint a spring-inspired picture. Adults only. $25 per person6-8The Creative Arts Center729-0029
Apr 28 Hearts Day- revisited! - Stop in for the Spring Creek Artisans' Hearts Day to see some marvelous examples of art and crafts made by talented locals. Oil paintings, woodwork, treenware, fabric art, baskets and pottery are just a few of the types of items for viewing and for sale. The wares are unique and the prices very reasonable. Pick up a little something for that someone special9-2The Bonebrake Center of Nauture and History247-0279

Special thanks to The Salem News for the generous use of many of the photos in this website.

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