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Welcome to Salem, Missouri

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City Of SalemAbout Salem, Missouri

Salem LocatorWelcome to Salem, Missouri, located in the heart of the Ozarks in south central Missouri. Salem is 25 miles southeast of Interstate 44 at the intersections of four state highways: 72, 32, 19, & 68. Salem is fifteen miles from the population center of the nation, approximately two hours from St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia and Jefferson City, MO. Salem’s population is nearly 5,000 and the county seat of Dent County, with a population exceeding 15,000. Click here for more info.

Rich in Resources
Home to US Foodservice and many wood related industries, Salem is known for its friendly people and enjoyable community. Doe Run Mining and Recycling are close by. Blessed with some of the greatest outdoor scenery, beautiful trees, Ozark Mountains, big valleys, open spaces and spring-fed streams; the Salem area a wonderful place to work and play. Population density is low, yet the area is rich in resources and amenities.

‘Cost of Living’ is among the lowest in the nation.

Events and Festivals
There is nearly always something going on in the Salem area. You will find everything from downtown parades to the National Sports Car annual event, “Rally in the 100 Acre Woods”, ATV’s to Corvettes, canoe floaters to turkey hunters, artists to country music bands, and everything in between.

Local Government
Salem is a fourth class city with a Mayor-Alderman form of government. It is the county seat of Dent County and serves as the hub for the entire community. Salem attracts hundreds of people that come to work, shop and have fun.

There are four distinct seasons with an average temperature of 75.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 34.5 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Elevation is approximately 1,100 feet and the climate is mild with an average rainfall of 42”. For current weather, click here.

Historic Dent House
Salem enjoys a rich history and boasts many historic homes, quiet neighborhoods, abundant parks, and friendly people

Current River
The Current River is a popular destination for families and sportsmen

Farm Family
The "Rally in the 100 Acre Wood" is one of many annual events that draws visitors to Salem from all over the country

Special thanks to The Salem News for the generous use of many of the photos in this website.

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