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Welcome to Salem, Missouri

Our Community Education

Children at Lynch Elementary

Schools K-12The people of Salem and Dent County recognize the importance of educating our children to become the leaders and citizens of the future. Dent County is served by five public school districts, each with separate school boards. Our students gain a broad educational experience, with opportunities to explore the arts, music, math, science, physical education, computers, and much more. Area students have been perennial winners of academic competitions, and our high school sports program has for decades been a regional powerhouse, with many students going on to college on athletic scholarships. Parents are deeply involved in their children’s education, and the community takes great pride in its excellent facilities, faculty, and administrators.

There is also a strong support network among home school families in the area.

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Salem High School Cheerleaders
Salem High School Spirit

Middle School Honors Choir
Middle School Honors Choir

Colleges and Adult Education Salem is also home to opportunities in higher education and adult learning.

Southwest Baptist University operates a Salem campus and offers studies in accredited programs for degree seeking students.
The Salem TCRC is an educational center serving a 16-county region in south central Missouri.  The Salem TCRC is one of ten statewide distance-learning facilities and educational resources that allow people to communicate and exchange information throughout Missouri, the United States and the world.
Located just 25 minutes from Rolla, Missouri, many area residents take of advantage of a variety of degree and certificate programs from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly UMR), Rolla Technical Institute/Rolla Technical Center, East Central College, and Drury University.

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SBU Salem Campus
The Salem Campus of Southwest Baptist University

Library The Salem Public Library is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable librarians. Library cards are available on an annual basis. See the Salem Public Library website (link) for more information.

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Children at the Salem Library

Education Data Statistics are available by school district from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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Special thanks to The Salem News for the generous use of many of the photos in this website.

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