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Rubenstein Home
Otto Rubenstein Sam Barney Otto Rubenstein
Saul Rubenstein Otto Rubenstein

400 S. MacArthur

Sam Rubenstein was a native of Russia, being born at Kovana.  He came to Salem in 1894 with his wife Rose.  Eventually Sam Rubenstein became one of the wealthiest men in Dent County.  He built the building where Bottorff’s Furniture was located on Fourth Street and also the building that was destroyed by fire where Craig’s Plaza currently is today (2010).  He also had the Missouri Hotel built, which was destroyed by fire, located where the US Bank Drive-thru parking lot stands today (2010).  Sam and Rose had three sons, Otto, Saul, and Barney.  The Rubenstein home burned to the ground in a huge fire on September 9, 2009.

Sam Rubenstein
1863 – 1939

Rose Rubenstein
1859 – 1914

Otto Rubenstein
Died in 1956

Barney Rubenstein
Died in 1962

Saul Rubenstein
Died in 1964

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