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McCrea Livery Stable

Current home of United States Post Office

The Dilworth Hall was erected in the early 1880's to hold graduation exercises for the Salem schools, and to provide a place for local entertainment. This was on the northeast corner of the block facing Fourth Street. On the west end of the block was a frame building and store that gradually converted into a sleeping house for farmers with a livery barn annexed. These buildings gave way to a large building between Dilworth's Hall and the store operated by F.M. (Fine) McCrea. It was used as a livery barn for many years. After that, it became Salem's first garage. Dillworth Hall's first floor was occupied by L.N. Coffman, who had a poultry and produce store. Albert Duckworth had a feed store in that location after Mr. Coffman. E.L. Vernon converted the livery stable into a garage that sold Ford cars. E.F. Dent bought E.L. Vernon's garage. Dent had the garage torn down, and through the years, a series of business buildings were built in its place. Wayne Finch Pontiac was one of these businesses. It was later torn down to build the present post office.

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