200 N. Washington Street 

Franz Adelmann immigrated from Germany due to the revolution in that country in 1848.  Franz was anti-slavery and the conditions of the German politics made him move to Dent County.  Franz became a naturalized citizen while living here.  He was a prominent merchant who had a general merchandise business called Adelmann’s where Craig’s Plaza is located today (2010).  He married Francis (Duckworth) Gibson.  She was a widow, after her first husband John Gibson, who was a Dent County Sheriff, went to serve a paper and never came back. She had one son (Doss Gibson).  Franz and Francis had four other children.  Mrs. Adelmann sold the store and moved to the corner of Washington and Second Streets.  In the 1940’s the house was physically moved to the east of this location by local house movers . Dr. Martin Hart had the Hart Clinic built on the site of where the Adelmann house once stood.  Currently the Southeast Missouri Community Treatment Center is now located on this site (2010).

Franz Adelmann
12/25/1821 – 6/17/1875

Francis Melinda (Duckworth) Adelmann
10/26/1836 – 8/6/1908

John Doss Gibson
4/28/1865 - 10/20/1939

Carrie A. Adelmann Rudd
9/6/1869 – 8/20/1944

Amie Adelmann Elmer
1/10/1872 – 10/15/1963

Franz Agustus Adelmann
3/15/1874 – 7/14/1956

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