In 1895 at the age of 13 Joe Capps decided he would use a tuning fork rather than a hay fork.  He went to Ulysses Clark, a local blacksmith, and watched as he made the instrument to his specifications.  Joe took his tuning fork and some of his father’s wrenches and set off through Salem and nearby farms tuning pianos. 
In those days Joe would sometimes be paid with jars of molasses, bushels of wheat, home cured hams and chickens.  Time passed and his son Glen Capps picked up the trade and started a store, “Capps Music” in July 1961 in a house on MacArthur and Fourth Street.  In 1965 an addition was added.  In 1976 Dave Capps (Glen’s son) took over the business.  Capps Music closed its doors June 2000.

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