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504 N. Washington Street (Block 13)

Dale Phillips returned from Hawaii after being employed by the Navy in 1945.  He started a fresh produce route after coming back to Salem.  Dale bought a truck and began bringing produce from St. Louis which he sold from his truck.   Business was good and Dale needed more room for fruits and vegetables so he rented the Butler Garage on Fifth Street.  Dale remodeled the garage putting in a glass store front and this is where the first Phillips Market was located. 

Dale’s brother, George, returned from the Army and joined his brother in the grocery business.  The Phillips brothers bought another truck and went into the wholesale business.  Customers began to ask for canned and staple goods.  These were added as space permitted.  As their business grew, Dale and George planned for a new modern market.  In 1947, Chester and Bob, Dale and George’s brothers returned from St. Louis and helped to build Phillips Market on Sixth and Washington Streets. 

In 1951, Bob decided to leave the business and the other brothers bought out his share of the business.  In 1952, another expansion was in the works with more space and new equipment.  The Phillips brothers quite their wholesale route and focused on their retail business.  They had 10 employees for the store at one time.  After the market burned another building was constructed on this site that housed Gray Family Chiropractic.

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