300 N. Main Street (Block 10)    

On the northwest corner of Block 10 Mr. Franz Adelmann had a store with a residence above the store.  Mr. Adelmann bought the property at a Sheriff’s sale.  After he passed away the property was left to his wife Francis Adelmann in 1875.  There was a fire in 1880 and the businesses on the block burned.  In December of 1881 Mrs. Adelmann sold the property to Dr. J. N. McMurtrey.  Dr. McMurtrey had a drug store and post office on this site.  After his death his son, C.J. McMurtrey, converted the building into the Commercial Hotel.

In 1920, the property was sold to J.F. Dulworth, and leased to Ernest Jadwin until January 1, 1920.  Another operator of the hotel was a Mr. Beeler.  The hotel was later sold to J.C. Preston who ran the hotel until a fire of 1925 that destroyed the whole Dent Block (Block 10).  In April 1925, the property was then sold the to the Rubenstein family.  A brick building was constructed on this site, called the Rubenstein building.  The Security State Bank operated on the northwest corner of the first floor of the new building.  Later Joe Parker ran a pool hall at this location.  The Western Auto Store ran from this location from 1946-1956.  Other businesses thru the years on the first floor were: a restaurant ran by Minnie Kettinger, a florist shop, electrical shop, jewelry store, shoe repair and liquor store.  Second story offices included: Dr. B.M. Holmes, Dr. W.C. Wilson, Dr. John Hamilton and others.

In the basement was where the A.P. (Aqua Pura) Club operated.  Charlie Dale operated it and later Howard (Dave) Chambers ran the club in 1953.  The A.P. Club had a jukebox, served hamburgers, chili and soda.  When this building was destroyed by fire in 1973, Dr. B.J. Bass was the owner of the building.  Mrs. Jean Bass sold the property to Craig Distributing Company.  The Craig family had the fire damaged structure torn down and the basement filled in.  Trees and flowers were planted and a water fountain was built in the center of the property.  The new Craig Plaza was built to honor the Craig Distributing Company employees.  After the beautification project the Craig Distributing Company donated the Craig Plaza to the City of Salem giving the City the right to administer and maintain the property.

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