306 W. Third Street

This home was originally owned by Everett Frank Dent.  Frank Dent and his wife Cora had two children and were associated with three banks in Salem: The Farmers and Merchants Bank, Security State Bank and the Bank of Salem.  Frank first worked with his father at the Dent Brothers Hardware Store.  Then he entered the banking business with his father. In the late 20’s they sold their interest in the Farmers Bank and in the mid 1930’s sold their interest in the Bank of Salem.  They also dissolved the Security State Bank.  Frank and Cora left a large portion of their estate to the First Baptist Church.  They left their home to Jim Underwood who was the cashier at the Security State Bank.  He worked with the Salem Chamber of Commerce and Fall Festival Board.  President Harry S. Truman, a friend of Jim Underwood, stayed the night in this home.

Everett Frank Dent
5/16/1874 – 12/3/1958

Cora Mae (Clark) Dent        
7/19/1877 – 6/5/1951

Boy unnamed
10/7/1896 – 10/7/1896

Camille Rosign Dent
6/22/1899 - 6/29/1901
(she died after drinking carbolic acid)

James A. Underwood
10/17/1889 – 12/20/1980

Minnie R. (Bouse) Underwood
10/10/1896 – 2/15/1975

Martha Ruth Underwood
2/1/1918 - ?

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