300 W. Seventh Street

Louis Fischer was of German descent and had a brickyard in Salem when he lived here.  Mr. Fischer bought this property in 1880 and built the home that same year.  Louis was also the man that had the two- story brick building built on Fourth and Washington Streets in 1884.  Today this brick building houses H & R Block and the Masonic Hall (2010).  An opera house was on the second floor which also doubled as a place for graduation exercises for local schools.  Mr. and Mrs. Fischer had two sons, Oscar Fischer and Adolph Fischer.  Louis organized the Salem Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Post and was its first Commander.  He also organized the first Memorial Day service on Decoration Day in 1881.  The house has fired and unfired bricks in the walls, used for insulation.  This process is known as noggin and is used in European countries.  The staircase spindles are of the same design of those used in the courthouse stairs.  The outside of the house is covered with clapboards made from redwood trees from the state of California.  The house has four unique blue marble fireplaces.

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