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John Doss Gibson was a local businessman who ran a drug store on Fourth Street.  As a boy Doss worked in the iron mines around Salem.  Later Doss worked for Dr. J.N. McMurtrey in a drug store on Fourth and Main Streets where Craig Plaza is located today (2010).  Doss worked for Dr. McMurtrey at the drug store until 1897.  He bought a drug store owned by M.E. Dogby which was located where Beehive Florist is presently located (2010).  He changed the name of the drug store to Gibson’s and served the public for 34 years at this location.  He met and married Eva Edna Hawkins on October 14, 1901.  She passed away at a young age and Doss later married Arzetta Calahan on March 5, 1918.  Doss and Arzetta had two children.

John Doss Gibson
4/28/1865 – 10/20/1939

Eva Edna (Hawkins) Gibson
4/24/1877 – 2/15/1916

Arzetta (Calahan) Gibson
5/1893 - ??

Thomas Calahan Gibson
2/11/1919 – 1/22/1995

Peggy E. (Gibson) Regan
1924 - ??

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