W. Third Street (First Baptist Church Complex)
Lucius Judson came to Salem in 1870.  He was originally from Albany, New York.  In 1872 Lucius was elected Prosecuting Attorney for Dent County and served in that position for 26 years.  In 1873, he married Mary A. Love.  Lucius and Mary Judson had four children.  Lucius was President of the Bank of Salem and was a noted civic-minded person.  He was an advocate for free public schools for this area.  The Judson house was purchased by the First Baptist Chruch and torn down for the churches expansion.

Lucius J. Judson
7/4/1847 – 9/17/1907

Mary Adalaide (Love) Judson  
2/2/1854 – 11/15/1933

Jessie Louise Judson Coffman
6/30/1874 – 7/13/1954

William Robert Judson
5/13/1877 – 3/7/1941 

Maude Lorraine Judson
1880 – 10/28/1923  

Margaret Katherine Judson Young
11/12/1885 – 11/5/1966

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