The L. N. Coffman Company is the third oldest business in the City of Salem. It was started in 1895 on the lot at the corner of Fourth and Jackson Streets, in the Dilworth building. The business originally involved purchasing produce and poultry. In 1914, the company discontinued the produce business and by 1922, the business was wholesale sales only. The business has moved only once in its existence. This was down the street to the corner of Fourth and Washington Streets to the present location.

The present business location is called the old “Square Store” building, which was purchased by L. N. Coffman from Tom Martin. Thomas P. Upshaw, W. F. Hinch and Thomas Vaughn built the building for Hugh Thomas. Thomas rented it to Salem Mercantile Company. It was sold to W. J. Martin who along with T. P. Dent, put in a furniture, hardware and tinsmith shop. When Mr. Martin retired he sold the building to L. N. Coffman.

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