501 S. MacArthur

This was the home of Louis Dent and his wife Elizabeth Bell (Dye) Dent.  This house was built for Elizabeth as a wedding present from her husband.  This house was built by Elizabeth’s father E.L. (Budge) Dye.  E.L. and his father A.E. Dye are the people that built the courthouse.  The design of the house was by Fred Barber, the head carpenter was Jim Moser.

The original house plans called it a  “Southern Sunny Day Home”.  The house has quartersawn oak floors and wainscoating with a winding staircase.  It also has stained glass windows in the front of the home.  Upper dormer windows have leaded glass in them.  Most of the oak trim in the home was imported from the south.  On the outside of the home there is cedar siding and there are 52 columns that support the porch roof that are all made of cypress wood.  Louis Dent was the president of the Dent County Bank.  He also helped obtain the property for the State of Missouri that would later become Montauk State Park.

Louis Dent
1/15/1884 – 8/6/1970

Elizabeth Bell (Dye) Dent
11/8/1889 - 5/6/1962

Elizabeth Rosine Dent
11/5/1909 – 9/190/1973

Louis Linton Dent
5/30/1911 – 12/1978

James Ferguson Dent
6/6/1914 – 1/18/1979

Robert Vincent Dent
4/13/1916 – 4/22/1987

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