200/202 N. MacArthur Street

Dr. Andrew Love was a well known physician and lawyer in Salem.  He was educated at Michigan Medical College.  Andrew met and married Alcey Jane McSpadden on August 10, 1879.  To this union two children were born.  A boy who died in infancy and a girl, Ms. Julia Frances Love.  Julia Love never married and after her parents death she continued to live in the home.   After her death the First Baptist Church purchased the house and lot.  The house was demolished and a parking lot was created for the use of the church around 1970.

Dr. Andrew H. Love
4/12/1851 – 1/11/1910

Alcey Jane (McSpadden) Love
2/17/1855 – 2/27/1936

Boy died in infancy

Julia Frances Love
5/25/1882 – 2/8/1962

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