600 N. Main Street

M.W. Dent came to Salem in 1876.  Along with his brother Ferguson Dent they started a business in 1880 which was known as the Dent Brothers Store.  Mr. Dent met and married Mary Louise Reiser and together they had three children.  The home was demolished in the 1960’s to make way for the gas station at the corner of North Main and Sixth Street.                                   

Mark Winnett Dent
1/27/1840 – 5/4/1895

Mary Louise (Reiser) Dent
5/27/1851 – 1936     

Bertha Dent
3/26/1873 – 9/3/1943

James Frank Dent
11/16/1874 – 10/21/1958

George Albert Dent
12/21/1876 – 11/27/1953

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