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Dr. Jasper Newton McMurtrey came to Salem in 1869 from Washington County Missouri.  He bought a piece of property where the original deed was written on sheep skin and the lumber for the home came from Rolla by the way of ox cart. The house was built in 1881 and the fireplace was finished on December 24, 1884.  W. P. Elmer’s dad and a Mr. Elmer did the work.  Dr. McMurtrey brought his new bride, Eliza Jane Kindig, which he married October 21, 1869 to Salem.  He also brought with him several slave families to help him work his farm.  His slaves took care of the 80 acres that was around the house. 

After the Civil War, Dr. McMurtrey freed his slaves, and they stayed with him, living in two houses that he had built for their families.  They lived there until their deaths.  Dr. McMurtrey owned a drug store at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets where Craig’s Plaza is located today (2010).  He was also one of the founders of the power company in Salem.  In the early 1900’s Dr. McMurtrey gave a portion of his property to the town to build a high school that is currently located on Tenth Street (2010).  This home later became the Bonebrake Center of Nature and History.

Dr. Jasper Newton McMurtrey

Eliza Jane (Kindig) McMurtrey
9/10/1847 – 12/15/1923

Jessie Florence McMurtrey
10/17/1870 – 7/24/1872

David Walter McMurtrey
4/8/1871 – 10/23/1872

Percy McMurtrey  
11/1873 – 4/4/1883

Tessie Rebecca (McMurtrey) Durham
11/1873 – 1/23/1961

Clifford Jasper McMurtrey
12/3/1875 – 1/11/1920

Aberdean McMurtrey (Dilworth)
1/28/1880 – 5/27/1907

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