202 S. MacArthur

This is the home of James and Martha Orchard.  James went out west to find gold during the “gold rush” and remained there until 1853 but eventually came back to Salem.  In 1854 James was appointed Postmaster of Salem.  Later in 1862 he began making shoes.  In 1865 he began practicing law and for one year he was a Probate Judge.  He was also County Commissioner for a short time.  Jim Orchard purchased 20 acres from his father, John Orchard, in February 1860.  Around 1870 he began construction on this home.  He had the framework of the house standing when a tornado blew it down.  Undeterred by the incident Jim vowed to build a house that would withstand Missouri’s bad weather.

The house had a basement where the cooking was done and the food was stored.  Mrs. Orchard had the first cook stove in Dent County.  Behind the house was a smaller house used for washing the laundry, butchering, soap making and other chores done in that time period.  The Orchard family had a “hired” girl that did chores.  Her living quarters was located within an enclosed part of the porch.  The Orchard family also had a “hired” man whose living quarters were over the wash house.  The area around the Orchard home had fruit trees, vegetables gardens, tobacco plots and grape vineyards.  They also had a smokehouse for curing hams and venison and an ice house.  While cleaning the ice house, with the aid of his son-in-law, Louis Bangert, Mr. Orchard passed away.  He was standing down in the pit when the scaffolding gave way and sawdust poured in and suffocated him.   
James Orchard
7/29/1829 – 1/16/1905

Martha Emiline Orchard
2/17/1829 – 4/19/1915

Anna Ruah (Orchard) Bangert
John Madison Orchard
Albert Edward Orchard
Mary Louisa (Orchard) Durnivant
Charles Henry Orchard
Julia Roseanna (Orchard) Simms
William David Orchard

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