Current home of Rehab Alliance Therapy Services
201 E. Fourth Street (Block 3)

On the northwest corner of Block 3 stood Harvey’s Cash Store.  John Harvey got his start selling cider for 5¢ a glass.  Every morning Mr. Harvey would go to the town water pump for two buckets of water.  He would take the water back to his store and pour it into his cider barrel to replenish what he had sold the day before.  Mr. Harvey’s merchandise was cheap and patrons would flock to his store for a bargain.  He was not kind to his customers but they still came to his store.  If the customer hung around his store in the winter time he would play freeze out with them.  Mr. Harvey would put on his coat, open the front and back doors, then put the fire out in his cannonball stove where the customers were huddled to keep warm.  As an advertising gimmick Mr. Harvey bought a monkey to draw in customers to his store.  The monkey would swing from the track system of the rolling ladder and also climb over the store merchandise.  If a customer had a delinquent account he would put a sign in the window with the name of the customer and how much he owed.  John Harvey died in his store on an old Army cot next to his wood stove.

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