02 W. Seventh Street

Dr. William Edward Rudd came to Salem from Hartville, Missouri in 1902 to practice medicine.  During World War I, Dr. Rudd volunteered his services in the medical field. While there he went from Captain to Major in the Medical Corps.  He was in several local organizations here in Salem.  He was on the committee that spearheaded the building of the First Baptist Church.  He was also associated with the First National Bank, being a Director and the Vice-President of the bank.  Dr. Rudd married Carrie A. Adelmann on October 22, 1902. 

Dr. William Edward Rudd
7/3/1870 – 4/22/1937

Carrie A. (Adelmann) Rudd
9/6/1869 – 8/20/1944

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