N. MacArthur Street

This was the home of Earl Aubrey Seay and his wife May Druscilla Seay.  The house was originally located on the corner of Second and MacArthur Streets.  It was moved to its present location on South MacArthur and Hunt Streets.  Earl came to Salem with his parents in 1880.  They lived in a house that currently is the James and Gahr Mortuary (2010).  Mr. Seay, upon reaching manhood, engaged in the mercantile business working at the Butler-Vernon Mercantile Company located at the corner of Fourth and Washington Streets.  Mr. Seay was also in business with Irving Bottorff, N.D. Hobson, and T.H. Acuff.  The Seay and Acuff Store was located on West Fourth Street.  Mr. Seay was also postmaster of Salem for eleven years from 1933-1944.  In July of 1919 the Seay family moved from this house into the Orchard home on 202 S. MacArthur. 

Earl Aubrey Seay
2/18/1876 – 7/1951

May Druscilla (Callahan) Seay
2/26/1887 – 4/17/1992

Gracia May (Seay) Mackey
9/8/1907 – 2/16/1993

Helen Louise (Seay) Barnes    
2/5/1910 – 6/30/2004

Edward Jefferson Seay
9/23/1912 – 2/4/19943

Minnie Virginia (Seay) Covington
6/24/1915 –

Martha Mildred (Seay) Hamblin
2/3/1920 –

William Earl Seay
12/13/1921 –

Druscilla Ann (Seay) Dinzler-Rees
4/29/1926 -

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