Current home of The Bank Of Salem
100 West Fourth Street

The first building on this site was a two story wooden structure (the Bates Hotel), which burned in the 1878 fire. Later, in 1880, a three story brick hotel, was built by W. R. Love during the mining boom in Salem. The hotel was named the “Salem Hotel”. In the southeast corner of the building was housed the “W. R. Love Store”. This building was destroyed by fire in 1910. James H. Butler and George W. Peck had the “Butler Peck building” and built it on this site after the fire. Some first floor occupants were L. D. Vandivort Drug Store; George Addison law office; Sidney Brown clothing store and a Ben Franklin store. Some second floor occupants have been George Slawson, DDS; Lloyd Hunt, M.D.; M. M. Hart, M.D.; Walter Jenkins, Superintendent of Schools; Dent County Farmer Mutual Insurance Company; G.E. Joseph, M.D., Charles W. Felt, DDS and Dessa May Hester, Chiropractor. The Bank of Salem moved to this location in 1982. It has been there for 28 years (2010).

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