503 E. Sixth Street

This is the northeast corner of the original town of Salem. The owner of the house, Thomas Preston Dent, came to Salem, Missouri with the purpose of working with his cousins at the Dent Brothers Hardware on Fourth Street. Also in his lifetime he was a partner at the Askins/Dent Store.  Later, he was a partner of the Martin/Dent Mercantile Company.  Upon retirement he became an assistant cashier of the Dent County Bank and was also Dent County Treasurer. Mrs. Dent was educated in St. Louis and was prominent in Salem civic affairs.

Thomas Preston Dent
9/12/1858 – 3/8/1949

Theresa (Rieser) Dent    
10/7/1860 – 12/6/1950

Tom Arthur Dent
1895 – 1917

Theresa Alice Dent
5/19/1898 – 8/20/1980

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