402 N. Jackson (Block 23)

On this northwest corner of Block 23 stood the Pines Chevrolet building.  Jim Pines, owner and operator, started business as a plumber in 1914 with James Reddick and Oscar Mullins and their business was called Pines, Reddick and Mullins.  Their business was located in the south end of the Martin Motor Company where Dr. Emmett Reary’s office is located on Third and Jackson Streets. (2010)   These men decided to quit the plumbing business and open an auto dealership which sold Maxwell and Overland cars.

In 1921 Jim Pines went into business with H. A. Young under the name Service Garage.  In 1923, they began selling the Chevrolet line of cars.  Service Garage moved to this new location on the northwest corner of Block 23.  The building was 55 foot by 90 foot with a basement of half that size.  Pines Chevrolet Company was incorporated in 1929.  H. A. Young left the partnership after many years of service. The Pines Chevrolet Company building had an office, sales floor, repair and paint departments.   This building also housed Musgrave Paint, but was torn down to make way for the US Bank drive-thru facility.

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