Salem is a strong community with deep faith and a solid commitment to family values. The churches of Salem represent a wide spectrum of denominations and beliefs, and there are congregations of all sizes, from a few faithful members to several hundred. Many local churches are heavily involved in serving the community through food pantries, thrift stores, benevolence committees, programs for all ages, and involvement in local organizations such as the crisis pregnancy center and the substance abuse treatment center.


The annual Easter Pageant at Salem First Baptist Church is an impressive and inspiring production

Name Location City, State, Zip Telephone Pastor
Anutt Community Church Hwy 72 N to Hwy C, Jct. C & O Anutt, MO 729-2901
Chuck Cook
Anutt Full Gospel Church Hwy 72 N to Hwy C, S 1 1/2 miles Anutt, MO 573-674-2884 Don Case
Anutt United Methodist Church Hwy 72 N to Hwy C, 2 blocks N Anutt, MO 573-674-3742 Gaye Lynn Blankenship
Bible Way Assembly Church Hwy 68 N, 2 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-8668 Doyle Wools
Boss Assembly of God Church Hwy 32 E. Boss, MO 573-626-4545 Paul Davis
Bunker Assembly of God 100 N. Main St. Bunker, Mo 63629 573-689-2335  
Bunker First Baptist Church   Bunker, Mo 63629 573-689-2701 Bro. Tom Wisdom
Busby Community Church   Bixby, MO   Alvin Anderson
Calvary Bible Church & Bible Institute of the Ozarks Hwy. 119, P.O. Box 491 Salem, MO 573-217-9748 Rev. Dr. Wayne E. Werline
Canaan Community Church   Cook Station, MO 729-7871 Cindy & Rickey Martin
Christ Temple Pentecostal Church HH Hwy Salem, MO 65560    
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1701 W. Franklin St. Salem, MO 65560 729-3558 Alan R. Barnard
Corinth Baptist Church   Salem, MO 65560 729-7407 Dwayne Cartwright
Conerstone Baptist Church 513 Main St. Salem, MO 65560 573-548-2518 Wayne Werline
Crossville Baptist Church Hwy 72, 5 mi. W. Bunker Bunker, Mo 63629 573-689-2389 Jerry Blaylock
Dry Fork Baptist Church Hwy 32 W to F to CR 609 Salem, MO 65560 729-4646 Joe Hubbs
First Church of God Hwy 19 N, 1/2 mile Salem, MO 65560 729-6521 John Kinkead
Free Holiness Hwy 32-72 E Salem, MO 65560 573-689-2863 Bill Beasley
Gladden Baptist Church Hwy 19 S, 16 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-5563 Jim Privett
Grace Community Church 600 S. Water St. Salem, MO 65560 729-4573 D. Trent Morgan
Greeley Community Church Hwy PP, 4 miles NW of Bunker Bunker, Mo 63629 573-689-2888 David L. Wisdom
Hobson Community Church Hwy 72 N to Hwy FF to CR 307 Salem, MO 65560 729-5322 Clinton Massey
House of Prayer Hwy HH Salem, MO 65560 729-6863 Everett Enloe
Jadwin Church of Christ CR 630, (3 miles past Hwy Z) Salem, MO 65560 729-4320 Glen Claxton
Jehovah's Witnesses 1605 S. MacArthur Salem, MO 65560 729-8386  
Liberty Baptist Rt. 3, in Turtle Turtle, MO 573-689-2362 Ronnie Parker
Lighthouse Assembly Church Hwy 32-72 W Salem, MO 65560 729-6118 James & Mildred Walker
Little Vine United Baptist   Bunker, Mo 63629 573-626-4445 Elder Billy G. Mathes
Macedonia United Baptist Church Hwy 32 E. Boss, MO 573-626-1160 Elder Heath Garrison
Montauk Baptist Church Hwy 119 W (on left page Hwy VV) Salem, MO 65560 417-725-1657 Lloyd Heavin
Mt. Hermon United Methodist Church Hwy CC to CR 255 Salem, MO 65560 573-674-3742 Gaye Lynn Blankenship
Mt. Olive Baptist Church Hwy V V Salem, MO 65560 729-2545  
Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church Hwy 68N Salem, MO 65560 729-7646 Ray L. Schatz
New Harmony Church Hwy 32 W Salem, MO 65560 729-5991 David Gidcumb
New Harmony United Baptist Church Hwy E to AC Boss, MO    
New Home Baptist Church Hwy 32 E to Hwy W Salem, MO 65560 729-7079 Charley Younger
New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church 556 County Road 6200 Salem, MO 65560    
Oak Grove Baptist Church 700 Missouri Ave. Salem, MO 65560 729-3523 Dr. Tom Hover
Our Savior Lutheran, ELCA Hwy 68 N, 2 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-3680 Sarah Johnson
Pentecostal Church of God 401 N Walker St. Salem, MO 65560 729-8192 Rev. & Mrs. Nick Smith
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Hwy 19 S to B Salem, MO 65560 729-4009 Travis Curtis
Revival Tabernacle 111 W. Franklin St. Salem, MO 65560 729-4618 Virgil McWhorter
Round Pond Baptist Church Hwy H to DD to CR 232 Salem, MO 65560 729-4630 Lindell Decker
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 101 S. MacArthur Ave. Salem, MO 65560 729-4291 Fr. Dan Hirtz
Salem Christian Church 302 W. 4th Street Salem, MO 65560 729-4462 Tim Hill
Salem Church of Christ 1700 S. Main St. Salem, MO 65560 729-7511 Rick Pitchford
Salem Faith Assembly Church Hwy 72 N & J Salem, MO 65560 729-3822/7970 Billy & Joan Anderson
Salem First Baptist Church 201 N. MacArthur Ave.& 3rd St. Salem, MO 65560 729-4863 Russ Davidson
Salem Freewill Baptist Church 104 W. Condray St. Salem, MO 65560 729-3336 Charles Bacon
Salem Full Gospel Hwy 19 N, 3 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-7878 Bill and Sheri Stack
Salem Lutheran Church 403 Hwy 32-72 E Salem, MO 65560 729-5512 David Kettner
Salem United Baptist Church 609 E. Gibbs St. Salem, MO 65560    
Salem United Methodist Church 801 E Scenic Blvd. Salem, MO 65560 729-4551 Doug Walter
Second Baptist Church 701 E. Third St. Salem, MO 65560 729-3681,
Larry Nash
Seventh Day Adventist Hwy 19 N,, 3 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-2712
Dale Rossette
Shannondale United Church of Christ Hwy 19, 22 miles S Salem, MO 65560 573-858-3284 Jeff Fulk
Sligo United Methodist Hwy 19 N to Hwy VV Sligo, MO 573-244-5249 Pamella Quigley
Solid Rock Pentecost 1 mi. N. on Hwy 68 Salem, MO 65560 729-4918 Junior Light
Spoken Word Tabernacle Hwy 19S to Hwy K to CR619 Salem, MO 65560 729-5951 David Siler
St. Judes Chapel Hwy 32 W to Hwy 119 Salem, MO 65560 729-4291 Fr. Dan Hirtz
Sugar Tree Grove Baptist Church Hwy P Bunker, MO 63629    
True Apostolic Church, UPC Rt, 6, Box 580 Salem, MO 65560 729-2113 Johnie Swaringam
Upper Parker Community Church Hwy YY Salem, MO 65560 no number available Mike Bell
Victor Baptist Church Hwy C, 2 Blks N Anutt, MO 729-6970 Bobby Mathis
Walking Faith Baptist Church Hwy 19 N, 4 miles Salem, MO 65560 729-7539 Jim Thomas
Winkler Baptist Church 16875 S. Hwy 68 (15 miles from Salem) Salem, MO 65560 573-265-3875 Jerry Lea
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