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Listed are area apartment management companies and organizations.  An * indicates income based.

North Park Street Apartments
Salem, MO 65560
(16 one bedroom apartments)
Southwind Apartments*
Mondays & Wednesdays, 9 am-1 pm
1601 Odom Dr.
Salem, MO
(32 one & two bedrooms, ground level - elderly and disabled)

Odom Land Development
Salem, MO 65560
(26 duplexes, ground level)
Salem One & Two Associates*
Salem, MO 65560
(46 one and two bedrooms, ground level)

Ranch Motel
Hwy 32 West
Salem, M0 65560
(4 one bedroom apartments)
Salem Villa Apartments*
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9 am-2 pm
200 S. Warfel
Salem, MO 65560
(32 one & two bedrooms, ground level - elderly and disabled)

Harmon Homes LLC
South Wines Street
Salem, MO

Salem Housing Authority*
606 N McGrath Lane
Salem, MO 65560
(Multiple units-ground level
public housing, described below)

Tarvin Properties
John, Park, and Franklin Streets
Salem, MO 65560
(1 four-plex and 3 duplexes)

United Country-Salem Realty
Salem, MO 65560
(Apartments, Townhouses, Duplexes, Houses
and Farms)

Individual Homes and Apartments
for rent and/or sale in the area may be found by contacting one of the local real estate agencies. For a complete listing of real estate agencies, go to the Business Directory and select the "Real Estate" category.

COVID-19 Housing and Utility Assistance
State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR)
The State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR) Program provides rent and utility assistance for households who have been impacted by COVID-19. Eligible tenants can apply for financial assistance to be paid directly to their landlord or utility provider. Financial assistance includes rent and utility arrears for the period beginning April 2020 and up to 3 months of forward rent and prepaid fuel utility assistance. The tenant must not owe rental arrears beyond any requested rental arrears through this program in order to apply for forward rent assistance. In order to receive utility assistance, tenants must have an invoice from the utility provider to support the request. Total assistance any tenant receives through SAFHR cannot exceed a period of 12 months.

Low Income Housing Assistance Programs
Salem Housing Authority
housing authority logo

The Salem Housing Authority operates 150 public housing units consisting of duplexes and four-plexes for seniors and families. Autumn Woods has 90 units with 36 for families and 54 for elderly, Bright Meadows has 60 units for elderly, and 7 units for disabled. For information about rental and qualifications, call 573-729-6453.

South Central Missouri Community Action Agency (SCMCAA)
We assist the low-income residents of our seven county service area in their efforts to become self-sufficient.  This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive range of services and activities designed to improve the quality of life for individuals and families who suffer due to the causes and conditions of poverty. Utility, Weatherization, Childcare, and Job Hunting Assistance among other services available.
Dent County Community Action Center 573-729-3500

Missouri Housing Development Commission
MHDC administers, and provides financing for, the construction of affordable housing. The Commission also provides funding for home loans to qualified, first-time buyers through a network of certified, private mortgage lenders. Mortgage financing is facilitated through the sale of mortgage-backed securities and through the sale of tax-exempt bonds that the Commission is authorized to issue. 314-877-1350

Veterans Housing Information
VA Home Loans

Construction, Renovation and Demolition Assistance Programs

Salem R80 Construction Trades - A program of the Salem R-80 Schools, utilizing students' labor and providing a learning opportunity for those enrolled in the program, the Construction Trades Program has an application process for potential projects which may include remodel, repair or construction on homes or secondary structures. If accepted as a project, owner pays materials costs plus a percentage for labor.

Voluntary Residential Demolition Program
- Administered by the City of Salem, the programs' intent is to provide a means for owners to demolish and clean up properties that are not feasible to renovate, through a cost share program; creating a clean, safe environment and beautification of neighborhoods and the City.

Neighborhoood Preservation ActAdministered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the Neighborhood Preservation Act is a tax credit program created to aid in the rehabilitation and new construction of homes in certain census blocks in Missouri.
  • Eligible applicants include any taxpayer who incurs eligible costs for a new residence or substantially rehabilitates a residence for owner occupancy that is located in a designated area.
  • Applications open in January and close mid-February of each year.
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