This page was last updated May 13, 2023.

Welcome Home - Affordable Housing Rehabilitation Program 
The City of Salem with support from Riverways FCU received funding through the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Des Moines Affordable Housing Program to rehabilitate 25 owner-occupied homes in Salem, MO.
The Welcome Home pre-application form is available HERE.


Construction Trades Program at Salem R80 Schools
Winner of the Strong Communities Award, 2021 from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. A skills training program that focuses on improving the condition of available housing in Salem increasing opportunities for the students.

Voluntary Residential Demolition Program
Purpose of Program - The City offers residents an incentive to beautify the community through a sponsored residential demolition program. The program assists with efforts to beautify the community and promotes a sense of pride for residents, and makes the community a more appealing choice when individuals are home shopping.

Two Options Available for Property Owners:
  1. 50% Demolition Program – New details coming soon!
  2. 100% Demolition Program – the City covers 100% of the cost of demolition - For the City to cover 100% of demolition costs, the owner would sign over the property and all rights to the City of Salem. This could be accomplished through a Warranty Deed. Any outstanding fines, fees or citations from the City of Salem, for weeds, grass, junk, or other Nuisances would be waived upon transfer of property. The City cannot enter into this agreement for properties that have outstanding liens against the property. Properties acquired through the 100% program would then be assessed for one of the following future uses:
    1. The property may become green open/park space, at the City’s option. This would require a commitment on behalf of the City to maintain such spaces. If strategically located, such parcels could be stopping points along community trail systems (think of sidewalks as alternative transportation ways through the City) promoting healthier lifestyles and could enhance the trail efforts in the community.
    2. The property may be used to partner with the Salem R-80, Construction Trades program to construct new housing.
    3. The property may be sold via sealed bids. The sales agreement would include a stipulation requiring the purchaser to begin construction on a single-family, site-built home within 3 years of purchase.

Flipping for Community Renewal  housing authority logo
The Salem Housing Authority has embarked on a program to purchase aging homes in need of rehabilitation and updating, and after renovation, putting the homes on the market at affordable rates, helping to revitalize the available housing and encourage home ownership.
Read the Salem News article about the program

Love Thy Neighbor - Dent County
 Love thy Neighbor logo
Love Thy Neighbor is a community home repair outreach service provided by the local churches. All work projects are done outside such as decks, roofing, painting, and yard work, all at no charge to the homeowner. Work during the day and worship at night. There is something for everyone, such as being part of a work crew, kitchen crew, encouragers, prayer warriors, organizers, runners, etc.
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