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Salem R80 Construction Trades Program wins Strong Communities Award through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.
Read the full program write up HERE.

Help Support the Program!
The Award Winning Construction Trades Program is Salem and Dent County's innovative approach to solving a piece of the skilled labor shortage puzzle. You can be part of continuing these efforts and support additional future workforce training programs by donating to the construction of the Construction Trades building. The Construction Trades building is a partnership between the City of Salem who has secured a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the State of Missouri's Department of Economic Development and Salem R80 Schools who were awarded $438,396 in 50% tax credits to the Salem R80 Schools to sell and raise the remaining funds for the building. A tax credit is different than a deduction for charitable contributions and allows a dollar for dollar reduction of your Missouri State taxes.
YOP contributions are available for donations of $500 or more and any person, business or entity who pays Missouri Income Taxes can benefit from the Tax Credits, although you may donate to the program regardless. For additional information about the YOP Tax Credits you may contact Dr. Lynne Reed, Superintendent of Salem R80 Schools at 573-729-6642 or
View the YOP flyer

Please note – this is not tax advice and you should visit with your tax preparer or accountant about the potential tax benefit to you.

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Hiring Veterans and Military Retirees
One option for skilled labor within our region. 
Many soon-to-be Veterans who retire through Fort Leonard Wood choose to stay in the region for the low cost of living and recreational opportunities. These are skilled individuals, many of which have another career ahead of them. Is their new career with your business?

Wage and Labor Data
Dent County Average Annual Wage - $36,175 ($17.39/hr) (effective until 6/30/2024)

Missouri's Minimum Wage effective January, 2024 - $12.30/hr
For more information and downloadable posters check out Missouri's Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

Dent County is the southern most part of Missouri's Central Workforce Region, however, our skill sets and industry more closely align with the South Central Workforce Region. The Workforce Profiles for both Regions are available in the links below from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC).

Missouri's Central Workforce Region
Missouri's South Central Workforce Region

From the US Bureau of Labor Statistics we can look at similar data with more detail and job variety, again by region, however, the regions are defined a bit differently:
Dent County 2020 Inflow/Outflow Job Counts - 56.2% of the available labor force in Dent County, works outside of the County. Down almost 3 points since 2019.
Dent County's total labor force in 2020 was 5,356. The graphic below shows where that labor force works. 
2,344 live and work in Dent County.
3,012 Live in Dent County but work outside of the county (anywhere outside).

The 1,921 shown on the graphic, live outside of Dent County (anywhere outside) but work in the county.

2019 Inflow/Outflow Counts Here.
2020 Inflow/Outflow Counts full report and additional data Here.

inflow outflow 2020

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