State Property and Sales Taxes are the lowest in a three-state area and some of the lowest in the nation. Dent County and the City of Salem property taxes are below state averages.

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2016 Sales Tax and Property Tax Rates


Sales Tax  Rate:  City of Salem  .07350*
Sales Tax Rate: Dent County (outside the City of Salem) .05475*

*(The State of Mo receives .04225 of these taxes, the county receives .0125, and the City of Salem receives .01875)

Property Tax Rates listed below are given per $100 of assessed value*.

*Missouri law sets the assessment ratio for personal property at one-third of true value throughout the state.  Real properties (land and buildings) classified as commercial and industrial, are assessed at 32%; residential, 19%; and agricultural, 12% of true or fair market value.  The local property tax rate is an aggregate of school, city, county, and state levies expressed in tax per $100 assessed valuation.  Commercial and industrial real property is assessed an additional county surcharge designed to replace revenues lost by the tax exemption of business inventories. 

Itemized Tax Rates 2016

Dent County   School Districts Levy
STATE 0.0300 R-1 3.0621
COUNTY REVENUE 0.0350 R-2 2.7500
HEALTH CENTER 0.0957 R-3 2.7500
ROAD & BRIDGE 0.2550 R-4 2.7500
HOSPITAL* 0.1920 R-80 3.2000
Dent Co Disabilities 0.1350 Rolla 3.3057
Sr. Citizens Service 0.0479 C-4 2.7500
SUBTOTAL COUNT 0.7906 Bunker R-3 - 61 2.7500
Fire Districts   City of Salem  
DENT COUNTY FIRE 0.2327 City of Salem Library 0.2878
QUAD COUNTY FIRE 0.3141 City of Salem 0.6374
ROLLA FIRE 0.2300    
Ambulance   City of Bunker  
Reynolds County Ambulance 0.1500    
*Hospital – Salem Memorial Hospital District provides ambulance service   Dent County
Commercial Surcharge

To calculate your tax rate using the above table, begin with the County Subtotal of 0.7906, then add the appropriate Fire District rate if applicable, add the Reynolds Co. Ambulance Rate if applicable, add the rate for the applicable School District, and if within the Salem city limits add 0.9252, or if within Bunker city limits add 0.6139.

If a commercial property, add commercial surcharge of 1.2100.
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