Traffic Counts

2020 Counts
Location Avg Annual Week Day Traffic (AAWDT) (includes both directions)
Hwy 72, Northwest of Salem by Hospital (to Rolla/I-44/Hwy 63) 4706
Hwy 32 West of Salem (to Licking/Hwy 63) 2712
Hwy 19 North of Salem (to Cuba/I-44) 2708
Hwy 68 North of Salem (to St. James/I-44) 1448
Hwy 72/32 East of Salem (by Masters Industrial Park) 4340
Hwy 19 South (to Current River and Echo Bluff State Parks) 2766

For additional Traffic Count data for Dent County and street specific within Salem, visit the MoDOT Traffic Volume Maps. Instructions are below the link.

Missouri Department of Transportation Traffic Volume Maps  logo

Zoom in on the map to locate Salem and Dent County (southeast of Rolla on Interstate 44). Continue to zoom in until you can clearly identify the street or roadway you would like to see traffic counts for. Click on the section of roadway you want to see counts for, the section will highlight in green and a box will pop up in the upper right corner of your screen.
The counts shown are directional (N, S, E, W), you will need to look at both directional counts and add them together to get the total count for that section of roadway. Look for the tab immediately below the information box to find the opposite directional stats.
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