The City of Salem operates parks in six different locations, plus a gymnasium.

All city parks open at 8:00 AM and close at 10:00 PM

Park # 1- Main Park and ball field complex on Rolla Road. This park has a 260,000-gallon outdoor swimming pool and lots of playground equipment. It also has three tennis courts, skate park, and basketball court, all equipped with lights so they can be used day or night. There are three shelters for picnics and other social events – some are equipped with grills. The park also has three ball fields and two soccer fields.
Park # 2- Open space for kids to run. Pavilion for picnics and picnic tables. Small creek goes through park. Hwy 19 North, Roadside Park

Park # 3- Open space and a picnic table on Center St.

Park # 4- This Park is under development. It has four-place swing sets and a four-place seesaw. This park is located on Truman Ave.
Park # 5- Al Brown softball and baseball complex. Lighted ball fields for older youth and adult ball playing are located on Hwy 32-72 West.

Park # 6- Originally planned for Soccer Fields, future use to be determined. Located on South Hwy 19.

Site # 7 - Freedom Activity Center – houses the staff of the Parks and Recreation Department, a basketball court, and a Fitness Center.

shelterhousePavilion Rentals
The Parks and Recreation Department will reserve the Pavilions located in the Salem Park for your special outing or reunion. Reservations must be made in person and fees are to be paid when the reservation is made. To find out about the availability of any pavilion at the park, contact the Salem Pool at 729-6290 or if the pool is closed, contact the City Hall at 729-4811.
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