The Salem Police Department is ran by Chief Joe Chase.  Joe has been with the Salem Police Department since 1997.  Joe started with the Salem Police Department after graduating LETI in Columbia.  In 1999 Joe was given the responsibility of being the Salem Police Department's K-9 handler.  This allowed him to work with many other jurisdictions throughout the country and make great contacts for training opportunities.  Chief Chase has received specialized training in Tactics, K9, Firearms , Advanced Patrol Tactics among many other daily used tools by Law Enforcement.  Chief Chase was promoted to Corporal in 2004 where he continued to handle the department's K9 program.  Chief Chase was promoted to Sergeant in 2011.  As Sergeant Chief Chase led the officers of the Salem Police Department and trained them in the direction of successful policing.  Chief Chase maintained that role until he was selected in 2020 to be the Chief of Police for Salem.  Chief Chase continues to lead the department by example as there is no day to day task he isn't willing to fulfill. 

Chief John "Joe" Chase  

Lieutenant Jonathon Counts serves as the Assistant Chief and is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Salem Police Department along with supervision of the investigations.  Lieutenant Counts maintains the mandatory training that each officers must complete each year.  Lieutenant Counts is also responsible for maintaining a relationship with other surrounding agencies part of which is screening all outgoing cases before they are submitted to the prosecutors office for prosecution.  Lieutenant Counts started his career with the Salem Police Department in 2011 after graduating from the Missouri Sheriffs Academy in Union Missouri.  Lieutenant Counts has had specialized training in Investigations, and Interrogation Techniques.  Lieutenant Counts was promoted to Detective in 2013 and worked in that capacity until 2019 when he was promoted to Detective Sergeant.  In 2020 He was promoted to Lieutenant where he serves as the Assistant Chief for the Salem Police Department.   

Lieutenant Jonathon Counts 103
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