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With the adoption of the City’s fiscal year 2023-2024 budget, changes have been made to the process for funding community support. In the past the City would budget a specific amount for each non-profit entity or other organizations to support that entity's efforts without a contracted service. Changes to this process will allow priorities and preferences of each Board of Aldermen (Board) to be addressed.

These changes going forward with each budget year, mean that each entity or organization must apply for the funds. The City will create a budget line for “Community Support” that is funded after all the needs of city operations, capital investments, reserve policies and obligations have been met.

Once the Board approves the budgeted amount, non-profit and civic organizations would then have the opportunity to apply to the City for support, and each year the Board of Aldermen will make decisions about which applications they choose to fund for the current year.

If your non-profit entity or organization would like to apply for Community Support from the City, please fill out the “Request for Funding Application”, available HERE and provide supporting documents. For the City’s fiscal year 2023-2024, applications must be received by August 31, 2023.

Upon receipt of this year's funding applications, the requests will be included on the agenda of the September 12, 2023, Board of Alderman meeting. The entity must have a representative present to address Board questions. If funding is approved, the entity must request the disbursement of funds by submitting an invoice to the City.

Please send your application and any supporting documents to City of Salem, Finance Department at 400 North Iron Street, Salem, MO 65560, or via email to

For questions regarding the Funding Application, please contact Stacey Houston at 573-729-4811 or email


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