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Jamie Homeyer (R)
Dent County Courthouse
400 N. Main St.
Salem, MO 65560

Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. (Closed major holidays)

Welcome to the Dent County Assessor’s office.

Jamie Homeyer – Dent County Assessor

Lisa Miller - Clerk

Amy Miller – Clerk

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

To view a county map, click here: http://dentgis.breezemaps.com/web-gis  this website will allow you to search for properties in Dent County by address, by owner name and/or by parcel#.

If you regularly require copies of property data and/or maps, you can pay for a yearly subscription to the GIS mapping system, contact the assessor's office for further details. 

E-File Personal Property Assessments

nline filing will be active from January 2nd to April 30th.  You must file by March 1st each year to avoid paying a late filing penalty. 

The assessor’s job is to place a value on all taxable real and personal property, within the county as of January 1, the assessment date set by statute. All county assessor’s offices are regulated, and overseen, by The Missouri State Tax Commission. www.stc.mo.gov. Monthly visits by field representatives, and annual spot-review of properties, aid them in evaluating the assessor’s compliance with the statute requirements.

There are two types of local property taxes, Real Estate and Personal Property. 

Personal Property Assessment

State Statute 137.280 RSMo., requires every taxpayer to turn in a listing of their personal property, as of January 1, to the assessor between January 1, and March 1. Failure to submit a listing by March 1, can result in a late assessment penalty, up to $105.00.  You may mail your assessment back to us, bring it in to our office, or file online between January 2nd and April 30th at: 

  • Assessment forms will be mailed the first week of January, to those who are on the rolls at that time.
  • If you have moved here from another county in the State of Missouri, you will need to bring in your last paid personal property tax receipt from that county to the assessor’s office and setup your account for Dent County.
  • New residents to the State of Missouri must establish an account with the Assessor's office for the upcoming tax year. 
  • To license your vehicles with new tags you need proof that you paid personal property taxes for the prior year or that you do not owe any taxes for the prior year. This is done with either a paid tax receipt or a waiver obtained by the assessor’s office.

Real Estate Assessment

The Dent County Assessor’s office currently tracks and assesses over 11,000 parcels and classifies each parcel of real estate in compliance with the classifications defined under Missouri Statute.

Real Estate property has three subclasses—Residential @ 19% of market value; Agricultural @ 12% of production value; and All Other @ 32% of true value in money.

The Assessor and their staff must review real properties to assess any new structures, remove value from structures that have been removed from the property or no longer hold value, as well as properly depreciate existing structures. Reassessment occurs every two years in odd-numbered years. The purpose of reassessment is to equalize values among taxpayers and to adjust values to current market conditions. New Construction and additions to existing improvements are added to the assessment every year.

It is indeed a pleasure to serve as your Assessor and if you have any questions that were not answered here, please contact the office and I or one of the staff members will be more than happy to provide you with an answer or direct you to the person that can.

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