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Each year, visitors from around the country come to Salem, Missouri and surrounding Dent County to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities available here. And every year, many of those visitors choose to make the Salem area their home. The friendly people, great schools, access to healthcare and social services, beautiful parks, and strong faith community make Salem and Dent County a wonderful place to raise a family and earn a living.

Area clubs and organizations work hard to keep our tradition of the arts and culture alive, along with museums that celebrate our rich Ozark history. There are many places to shop for virtually anything you might need, so that Salem has become a center of commerce for several nearby counties. There are also many wonderful restaurants in the Salem area, with selections to suit virtually every taste.

Transportation in the area includes well-maintained highways, easy access to the interstate highway system, a local airport for light aircraft, and a shuttle van with local and regional service.

community choir
Salem High School Chamber Choir performs a holiday concert

Historic Downtown Salem at 4th Street and Main

bonebrake center
The mission of the Bonebrake Center of Nature and History is to nurture understanding and appreciation of nature, culture, and history

fueling airplane
Self-service fuel at the Salem Municipal Airport provides 24-hour convenience to pilots of small aircraft
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