Recycling pickup for residents of the City of Salem occurs every other week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Residents in the Northwest (Wednesday) and Southwest (Thursday) sections of town are picked up one week, followed by the Northeast (Wednesday) and Southeast (Thursday) sections the next week and so forth.
Because the months are not standard concerning how many weeks are in each, this can become confusing. To help residents know when their recycling will be picked up, the specific dates and locations may be found on our Calendar page or we update it on our Facebook page every Monday, OR you may view or download our 2023 Recycling Calendar.

The below map shows the City of Salem divided by quadrant for Recycling pickup.

Recycling Map
Recyclable items in the City of Salem are listed in the below flyer. It is important to note that WCA offers single-stream recycling. This means that items are NOT SORTED, everything is thrown in the bin together and nothing should be bagged or boxed. It is also important to note that ONLY items listed in the flyer are recyclable and all items should be rinsed of food residue before being placed in the bin.

Recycling flyerIf you have followed all instructions and your recycling is not being picked up, please call WCA at 1-417-741-7714.
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