The City Planning and Zoning Commission shall consist of seven (7) members, being composed of the Mayor, if the Mayor chooses to be a member, a member of the Board of Aldermen selected by such Board, if the Board chooses to have a member serve on the Commission, and no less than five (5) nor more than fifteen (15) citizens of Salem.
The said citizen members of such Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Board of Aldermen, and shall serve without compensation.

The Commission shall have and perform all of the functions of the Zoning Commission provided for in Chapter 89, RSMo., and may also prepare a zoning plan for the regulation of the height, area, bulk, location and use of private, non-profit and public structures and premises, and of population density, but the adoption, enforcement and administration of the zoning plan shall conform to the provisions of Chapter 89, RSMo.

The term of each citizen member of the City Planning Commission shall be four (4) years. All members shall hold office until their successors are appointed. Vacancies on the Commission occurring other than through the expiration of term shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the Mayor and approval of the Board of Aldermen. Any citizen member of the Commission may be removed from such office by the Board of Aldermen for cause stated in writing and after public hearing.

The City Planning Commission shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary from among its citizen members. The term of each shall be for one (1) year with eligibility for re-election. The Commission shall hold regular meetings and such special meetings as it provides by rule, and shall adopt rules for the transaction of business, and shall keep a record of its proceedings which shall be a public record.

The Board of Aldermen may provide the funds, equipment and accommodations necessary for the work of the Commission, but the expenditures of the Commission, exclusive of gifts, shall be within the amounts appropriated for that purpose by the Board of Aldermen and no expenditures nor agreements for expenditures shall be valid or legal in excess of such amount. Provided however, that such Commission shall have the authority and power to accept and receive donations of cash or property, gifts, bequests and grants and, with the approval of the Board of Aldermen, may use such non-appropriated assets as the Commission shall deem beneficial and advantageous to the said City of Salem.
The Commission shall make and adopt a City plan for the physical development of the municipality. The City plan, with the accompanying maps, plats, charts and descriptive and explanatory matter, shall show the Commission's recommendations for the physical development and uses of land may include, among other things, the general location, character and extent of streets and other public ways, grounds, places and spaces; the general location and extent of public utilities and terminals, whether publicly or privately owned, the acceptance, widening, removal, extension, relocation, narrowing, vacation, abandonment or change of use of any of the foregoing; the general character, extent and layout of the re-planning of blighted districts and slum areas.
The Commission may make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the municipality to public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional and other organizations and citizens. It may recommend to the executive or legislative officials of the municipality programs for public improvements and the financing thereof. All public officials shall, upon request, furnish to the Commission, within a reasonable time, all available information it requires for its work. The Commission, its members and employees, in the performance of its functions, may enter upon any land to make examinations and surveys. In general, the Commission shall have the power necessary to enable it to perform its functions and promote municipal planning.

The Planning Commission shall recommend and the Board of Aldermen may by ordinance adopt regulations governing the subdivision of land within its jurisdiction.
  1. The regulations, in addition to the requirements provided by law for the approval of plats, may provide requirements for the coordinated development of the City; for the coordination of streets within subdivisions with other existing or planned streets or with other features of the City plan or Official Map of the City; for adequate open spaces for traffic, recreation, light and air; and for a distribution of population and traffic.
  2. The regulations may include requirements as to the extent and the manner in which the streets of the subdivision or any designated portions thereto shall be graded and improved as well as including requirements as to the extent and manner of the installation of all utility facilities, and compliance with all of these requirements is a condition precedent to the approval of the plat.
  3. Before the adoption of its subdivision regulations or any amendment thereof, a duly advertised public hearing thereon shall be held by the Board of Aldermen.
Appeals for requests on variances which were previously heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission are heard by the Board of Adjustments.

Planning and Zoning Commissioners (term expirations):

  Elizabeth Condray (2026) Keith Inman - Vice Chairman (2023) Sherman Odom (2024)
Dr. Wayne Bertz - Secretary (2025) Richard Labrash (2025) Kyle Williams  
      Mayor Greg Parker

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