Salem Housing Authority has a strong relationship with local, state and federal government. However we are actually an independent owned agency. Charted under state law we are an autonomous, not-for-profit public corporation. The organizational structure allows housing authorities to work in conjunction with local governments and agencies to develop long-term housing strategies for communities.

Though independently run, housing authorities are required to follow federal regulations. Salem Housing has 90 Public Housing Apartments which are subsidized by HUD through Capital Funding Grants and Operating Subsidy. Also, Salem Housing Authority owns and operates a multifamily program called Bright Meadows, this program is funded by HUD through MHDC by the Section 8 Project Based Program and receives a monthly voucher.

To be eligible for these you must qualify by income. The income limits are posted on SHA’s website.  Criminal/Credit Backgrounds are performed at no charge. Applications are available at their office by appointment or you may apply online.

Salem Housing Authority Board Members are approved by the City of Salem Board of Aldermen.
Visit Salem Housing Authority's website in the link below for more details.

Staff contact for the board:
Melissa Mahurin
Executive Director
606 McGrath Ln.
Salem, MO 65560
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