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money-handOnline Utility Payments

Automatic Bill Payment

An easier way to pay your utility bill.
With our free Automatic Bill Payment service, you can have your City of Salem utility bill paid automatically from any participating Bank, Savings and Loan, or Credit Union account.

  • No check to write. No postage to pay.
  • No more monthly trips to pay your bills in person.
  • Whether you're away on a trip or sick at home, your City of Salem utility bill will be paid.
  • No more embarrassments about forgetting to pay your bill.

With Automatic Bill Payment, you still keep control of your utility payments. You will continue to receive a monthly utility statement. Automatic withdrawals are made on the ninth of each month and credit card dates can be chosen with the help of the utility department personnel. Payments will be deducted from your account. There is plenty of time to review the statement and call the Utility Office representative if you have any questions. If there is a billing error, it will be handled in the normal way, with a credit adjustment on your next bill.

How to apply: Contact the City of Salem utility Department at 400 N Iron St, Salem, Mo 65560 to set up auto pay with an automatic withdrawal or with a debit or credit card.

Budget Billing or Average Monthly Payment (AMP)
The City of Salem will offer the Average Monthly Payment (AMP) Plan to help minimize the seasonal variations our customers experience with their utility bills. The monthly payment on the AMP Plan is based on the "rolling" average of the current month's bill, plus the previous eleven (11) months. A new calculation of the average payment will occur each month based on the previously described 12-month period.

Monthly billing statements will reflect current usage based on actual meter readings (or estimates if actual meter readings aren’t possible). The difference between actual billings and the average billing will be carried in a deferred balance that accumulates both debit and credit differences for the duration of the AMP Plan. This cumulative balance is reflected on the customer's bill on the line item "AMP Overage" or "AMP Shortage".

To qualify for enrollment in the AMP Plan:

  • Must be a residential utility customer of the City of Salem,
  • Must have a twelve (12) month billing history at current address,
  • Must have no late or returned payments or disconnects in the last twelve (12) months,
  • Must pay the account in full at time of enrollment.

If an AMP Customer moves to a new location, AMP will not be offered at the new location until the twelve month requirement is satisfied. When termination takes place at the old location, City of Salem Utilities will automatically terminate AMP as well.

Payment Plan or Payment Arrangements
A payment arrangement allows City of Salem utility customers the opportunity to pay off past-due bill balances to keep their utility accounts in good standing.

With a payment arrangement, the past-due amount is spread out over a specified period of time. This amount is called a monthly installment.  Customers cannot exceed 12 month installments.

Customers are required to pay the agreed-upon monthly installment, in addition to paying their monthly utility charges in full by the bill due date each month.

Paying both the monthly installment and current utility charges gives customers extra time to bring their utility accounts up to date.

Accounts under a payment plan will not be assessed late fees if current with the payment plan.

Flexible Arrangement Available
There is no limit to the number of arrangements, as long as the prior payment arrangement terms have been met.
A payment arrangement option is available to any eligible customer — regardless of their payment history.

However, if a customer failed to complete a prior payment arrangement or has returned payment items such as returned checks, the customer’s account must be brought current before a new payment arrangement can be offered.

A customer is considered ineligible if involved in meter tampering, or if the customer’s service is currently disconnected or is scheduled for disconnection due to non-payment.

You may not qualify for a payment arrangement if:

  • You have been disconnected for non-payment.
  • You have tampered with any utility meter at your residence.
  • We are already in the process of sending your account to a debt collector.
  • You have stopped services.
  • A court has determined that your debt to us is legally extinguishable.
  • Your bill is not current, and you’ve already been through our payment arrangement process.
  • Payments you made on your account were returned by your payment provider.
* Effective 6/14/2021 - The Mayor, Board of Aldermen President, City Administrator, Director of Public Works, or Utilities Supervisor may authorize exceptions to this policy.

Pay in Person
Walk in payments may be made at the Utility Customer Service Office located at:
400 N Iron St in the City Administration Building.

Drop Box
A drop box is located on the north side of the Administration Building at:
400 N Iron, (if you are walking, enter from the Iron St side)

Drive-Thru Payments
For fast, convenient service, try our drive-up facility located on the north side of the Administration Building at 400 N Iron St. (Enter from the 4th St side).
You must have your bill in order to use this location.  If you do not have your bill, please park and come inside.

By Mail
Send payments to:
The City of Salem
400 N Iron St
Salem, MO 65560

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