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Top Employers of Dent County Residents

Private Employer
Top Employers
# Employed
Industry Headquarters  # of Locations Job Postings      
Local Government
Salem/Dent County K-12 Schools
* 5 Independent School Districts
345^ K12 Education Salem/Dent County 5 Salem R-80 K12
Oak Hill R-I K8
Green Forest R-II K8
Dent-Phelps R-III K8
North Wood R-IV K8

1  Doe Run logo*No facilities located in Dent County

*Dent County Residents (1,110 Total Employees)
Lead Mining/Battery Recycling St. Louis, MO 13 Hiring      
2 US Foods logo
250 Food Service Distributor Rosemont, IL 60 Hiring      
3 Hospital logo  218 Hospital/Healthcare  Salem, MO   Hiring      
Walmart logo

204 *  Retail/Wholesale Bentonville, AR  10,524   Hiring      
5 Phelps Health logo
One Primary Care Location in Dent County
*Dent County Residents (1,877 Total Employees)
Hospital/Healthcare Rolla, MO 14 Hiring      
6 royal oak logo 130^  Manufacturing/Wood Products Roswell, GA   16 Hiring      
7 Salem Wood Products 105 ^  Manufacturing/Wood Products Lebanon, MO  6 North American Stave Mills  Hiring       
Local Government
county logo 87 County Government Salem, MO 1  Apply in-person 400 N. Main St.      
8 McDonald's logo 75 Fast Food Restaurant Chicago, IL 13,683
US locations
Enrichment Services of Dent County Inc.
68^ Individual & Family Services (Adult Day Care) Salem, MO 1 Apply in-person 1900 MO 19      
10 WalMart Distribution Center 63 Warehousing and Trucking St. James, MO          


Click here to view an interactive Industry Concentrations table for Dent County provided by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC).

Note: For the above link - Location Quotient (LQ) is a ratio of the relative distribution of industry employment in a region to that industry’s distribution in a larger economy. An LQ greater than 1 indicates that the industry is more specialized, and employment is more concentrated for that industry in the region, as compared to the United States as a whole. An LQ less than 1 indicates that the industry is less specialized, and employment is less concentrated. An LQ of 2 would mean that the industry’s employment is twice as concentrated in the region, as compared to the United States.
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