Salem Municipal Airport is a public-use, unmanned,airport
general aviation airport. The airport is undergoing continuous improvements with grant funding from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Salem Municipal Airport is located approximately 3 miles west of the Hwy 32/72 intersection. The main entrance is on F Hwy.

Airport Identifier: K33
Runway: asphalt
Runway ID: 17-35
Runway Length: 2998 ft
CTAF: 122.9
Elevation: 1241 ft
Lights: pilot controlled
Fuel: 100LL self-serve with credit card

A heated pilot facilty provides access to maps, telephone, and restroom, and can be unlocked using the Springfield VOR frequency on the combination keypad. There are 12 hangars, ranging from open "T" hangars to larger, enclosed hangars.

Questions about hangar leasing:
City Clerk

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