The City of Salem requires the following permits and licenses. Please call the City Administration Building at 573-729-5211 for additional information or applications. The Administration Building is located at 400 N Iron St. on the Court House Square.
  • Business License - The city requires most businesses to obtain a City of Salem business license. Contact the City Clerk to obtain a license application or download one from this site. Depending on the type of business, you may need a sales tax number, and a federal Identification number. The cost is $35 annually. (Click here for more info.
  • Home Occupations – The City of Salem does not allow businesses in residential areas without a variance. All home occupations, contractors, and service providers are required to register with the City of Salem. Contractors must provide proof of workman’s compensation insurance. Contact the City Clerk for an appropriate license.
  • Short-Term Rentals (AirBnB, VBRO, etc.) - Fact Sheet, Application
  • Signs – The City of Salem regulates the number, type, and placement of signs used to advertise your business. Contact the City Building Inspector at 573-729-4811. MO Department of Transportation regulates signs along State Highways in and out of the City of Salem.
  • Building Permits – contact the Building Inspector at 573-729-4811, if you or your landlord plans to make any changes to the building you own or lease, or if new construction is proposed. The building permit must be obtained prior to any construction, plumbing, or electrical work beginning. The inspector will conduct periodic inspections during the construction to assure compliance with City codes.
  • Zoning – contact the City Clerk to determine the appropriate zoning district for your business. For new construction, the Building Inspector will answer questions about setbacks, parking, landscaping and signs permits.
  • Liquor License – The sale of intoxicating beverages of any kind in the City of Salem requires state, county, and city liquor licenses.  Contact the City Clerk at 573-729-5211 in the City Administration Building at 400 N Iron St, Salem, Mo 65560 for questions about obtaining a city liquor license.

Local information on site selection, traffic counts, community profiles, etc are available HERE.

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